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School Prefects 2017-2018 

Our school prefects this year are:
Manaal, Finlay and Kelsie

School Councils 2017-2018

We are working very hard to empower pupils at Millbridge, to develop confidence and build self-belief. As a school we very much support children’s understanding of British values. The School Council is one example of how we practically demonstrate democracy. Every year children are asked to nominate themselves to represent their class as a School Councillor. They then have to write and present a short speech saying why they would be the best candidate, then each class votes. The two candidates with the highest score represent the class at all school council meetings throughout the year.

Here are our school council:

Dolphins Zane and Mia
Elephants Madeliene and Harrison
Giraffe Aidan and Ruby
Hedgehogs Victory and Keidi
Jaguars Kaysan and Mara
Koalas Alisia and Madison
Lemurs Dylan and Sara
Mallards Daniel and Bethany
Narwhals Christian and Kyla-Jo
Otters Millie 

Minutes of Meeting