Millbridge Junior Infant and Nursery School

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Head Girl and Head Boy
Children who are wanting to be Head Girl, Boy or prefect, need to apply in writing and go through an interview with the Headteacher before being selected. They have to have a reference from either their current or most recent teacher. Each candidate explains how they are suitable to be the role model and ambassador for the school.
  • Our Head Boys are Christian and Dan (for three half term each)
  • Our Head Girls are Heather and Bethany (for three half term each)

House Captains

Children who wish to lead their house, take part in an election process. They are expected to write and present a speech to the members of their house explaining why they are the best candidate. Then the house vote. Captains are elected in the first week of term. House Captains 2018-2019.


School Prefects

Our school prefects this year are : Sara Elliott-Nadat and Kenzie Fellows.

Play Leaders

Children who would like to share their love of activity and play are invited to training for five weeks by Mr Wilson, our Sports Coach. If they are successful and able to plan and deliver activities, they are selected and placed on a rota. To ensure play stays fresh Mr Wilson meets with the play leaders fortnightly.

Our befrienders are Year 6 pupils who are actively involved in the role of caring for, and supporting, fellow students. They also help school shape their policies on building and behaviour. They have a positive influence on the climate of the school making it a safer, friendlier community where caring for others is demonstrated and valued.

Befrienders are trained in the limits of confidentiality and how to get help from an adult if someone is getting badly hurt. Primarily they are listening service.

Our befrienders 2018-2019
Mallards Narwhals Otters
Mishal Roxy Alisia B
Anisa Isobel Libbymay
Sienna-Rose Georgia Nathan
Zahra Max Mushkan
Sofia Kenzie Afifah
Kayla Lola Daniel
Sayl   Courtney