Millbridge Junior Infant and Nursery School

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Animals at school

Bowland Farm came to visit the children in Foundation Stage. We had the chance to see lots of different animals. There were alpacas, goats, ducks, hens and sheep. We had a wonderful time.

Nocturnal Animals

We had a wonderful time exploring the animals from Sam's Safari as part of our nocturnal animal topics. There was an owl, frog, stick insect, snake and hedgehog.

Forest School

We went up to forest school to find things to make a nest for the owl babies. We had to think really careful about what would make a good nest

Control and coordination

We practice our physical skills outside.

Let's count ...

We have been working on matching objects to numerals.

Our writing

We have been working hard to write the phase two graphemes.

Harvest week

We have a lovely time planting bulbs as part of Harvest celebration. Our parents came in to help us.


We apply our learning in maths when we explore outside