Millbridge Junior Infant and Nursery School

Children  »  Resilience award 2017-2018






Jayden Maguire

Jayden found writing really difficult at the beginning of the year, but by persevering and showing great resilience, his writing is now beautiful!


Harley Gomersall

At the beginning of the year Harley was reluctant to try anything new that he found tricky, but he will now try his best at anything, which has led to him making fantastic progress!


Jacob Throp

For showing great confidence in his learning and always trying his very best.


Jake Stott

For always giving things a try and becoming a confident learner with the power to believe he can succeed.


Ryhana Crantea

Ryhana always has a smile on her face, whatever she is doing. She doesn't always find things easy but she tackles her work with 110% effort and always tries her best. She is also a super role model for the class by making the right choices, being polite and being a wonderful friend! Keep it up!


Emily-Jayde Hoad

For always putting 100% effort into all of school life- her learning, friends, behaviour and attitude. No matter how difficult the task Emily-Jayde will always give it her best shot! I am so proud of you Emily-Jayde.


Zarah Parveen

For always being prepared for learning, her consistent positive attitude and never give up approach.


Mehvish Asif

She quietly perseveres even when faced with challenges.


Qays-Ali Iqbal

For always doing the right thing and showing a positive attitude to learning even when he doesn't find it easy.


Evie Murray

Throughout the year, Evie has shown resilience and determination in abundance! Evie has not found the Year 5 learning easy, particularly the maths. However, in every lesson, Evie has tried her utmost to achieve success even when the work has been challenging. Evie always comes to school with a smile on her face and is ready to have a go at anything we have to do. Well done Evie! You have had a great Year 5 and we are all proud of you!


Amy Wilkinson

Amy has been a brilliant role model in Narwhals class this year. She has consistently tried her best and has never given up when she has found things tricky. Well done Amy!


Shanya Haw

She works so hard in class and never gives up. She has improved so much this year and hasn't let herself be distracted from her learning at all. She has been a credit to the class all year!