Millbridge Junior Infant and Nursery School

Children  »  Resilience Award Autumn 2018

Class Name Reason
Badgers Jailan for having a great attitude to his learning.
Crocodiles Andrew for trying hard in all that he does.
Dolphins Umar for always working hard and trying to improve his learning. He even chooses to work at home over the weekend without being asked, and will keep trying until he has got things right.
Elephants Cole for improved learning and being independent. Cole always tries very hard even when the work is challenging. Keep up the fantastic work.
Giraffes Jacob for trying hard in class even when things aren't easy for him the first time. In all lessons he gets on and doesn't give up!
Jaguars Isaac for trying really hard in all subjects, not giving up and always putting in 100% effort.
Koalas Romeo for quietly persevering with call he does even when presented with a challenge.
Lemurs Jordana for quietly persevering with all she does, even when presented with a challenge.
Mallards Halima for positive behaviour for learning and persevering especially in Maths.
Narwhals Samuel for not giving up with his timetables and being determined to get faster on TT rockstars.
Otters Nathan for always working hard and beginning to work faster, especially during test situations.
Meerkats Jake for always having a positive attitude and trying really hard at all times even when he finds something difficult.